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Data is only useful when it’s used!

Business intelligence (BI) leverages technology to transform existing company data into actionable insights. In other words, BI helps organizations take informed decisions for their business. It’s recommended to look for BI solutions that bring data visualization, self-service dashboards, are mobile friendly and are easy to use for even the most technically challenged teams.

Explore newer heights with BI

Operational Reporting

Optimize operational reporting and save significant time and resource with a reliable BI solutions. Operational analytics is essential for the smooth running of a business, it presents decision makers with a quick and precise update of the hourly, daily or weekly activities taking place within an organization.

i2e advantage:

We customize reporting as per your requirement thereby limiting your dependency on BI tools

Measure KPI

Representing KPIs in an accurate and comprehensive manner is essential for effective, data-driven decisions. We help businesses connect KPI data to their business. With interactive dashboards one can apply filters, drill down to examine underlying data.

i2e advantage:

We help choose KPI from a combination of multiple data sources

Predictive Analysis

Improve everyday business operations and achieve a competitive differentiation with advanced predictive analysis. Today business rely heavily on BI tools for predictive analysis. Predictive analytics refers to using historical data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to predict what will happen in the future.

i2e advantage:

We adopt latest technology, so your application stays modern

BI Solutions we expertise in

Data Management

Unlock the true potential of data

Data unlike any valuable resource grows itself. To harness its potential, you need to have access to clean, integrated data ready at your disposal. With advanced data virtualization techniques, you can now achieve real time data integration a lot faster without any infrastructure. i2e can help you automate and optimize your data management process.

Data Visualization

Interact with your data visually

One of the trends in BI which majorly influence software purchasing decision is undoubtedly- data visualization. Visualization makes it easier to process and comprehend data. It can be used at different levels across an organization. A graph or 3D holograms provide faster and easier data insights to spreadsheets. We at i2e consulting offer data visualization to help get actional business insights.


Data tells story

We develop customized dashboards that are interactive, easy to process, robust and 100% reusable. These real-time dashboards help companies accelerate return-on-investment and tighten data accuracy and compliance. Depending on user requirements, the dashboards can be of Single-Dashboard or Multi-Dashboard architecture.

Integrating Data Sources

Experience data in Tableau, Spotfire or PowerBI

We help businesses capitalize on their most valuable asset-data. The modern globally distributed workforce calls for a modern BI integration approach. We at i2e deliver solutions that provide real time analytics. Experience real time business intelligence data solution in Tableau, Spotfire, PowerBI or any tool of your choice.

Mobile App

Access anything anywhere

We make sure all or products and services work seamlessly on mobile. When everything is going mobile why should BI lag?

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