Digital transformation

Digital transformation: The power of cloud computing in life sciences

i2e helps organizations of every size in the healthcare sector pursue better business outcomes by shifting to digital and more intelligent solutions. Using a combination of advanced technology and consulting expertise, we enable better data discovery, richer insights and streamlined operations for an ideal digital ecosystem

Harnessing the power of AI

The application of AI technology has the potential to revolutionize discovery, manufacturing and production for new products. Using machine learning to gather insights from drug trials and production projects can provide innovations that would otherwise take years. i2e helps organizations integrate AI features including:

  • •    Cognitive API for speech and photo recognition
  • •    Machine learning for predictive analysis
  • •    Chatbots
  • •    Amazon Alexa integration

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Embracing the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Pharmaceutical organizations rely on a great deal of data which can be made accessible from any location with Microsoft Azure. A centralized repository for development, manufacturing and sales allows up-to-date product information to be shared in real time.

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