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Information Technology is changing the face of the world. With innumerable opportunities in business, communication and technology, it is an exciting time to be at i2e Consulting. We are team players with strong technology fundamentals. If you have the expertise, we give you a free hand to prove and enhance your capabilities. At i2e, you will not only climb the success ladder, but also broaden your horizons horizontally by taking on added responsibilities and playing multiple roles. If you are talented and hardworking, we want to hear from you.

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A team that believes possible is everything.

At i2e, it is an adventurous life full of challenges. You will get several opportunities to push your limits and bring out the best in you. Our projects inspire you to venture out of your comfort zone, face the challenge, and prove yourself. As you grow in our organization, it is our conscious effort to groom you for your transition to a manager or a leader. We strive to make your life at i2e a blend of work and fun. Only at i2e will you have a truly progressive career.

We are a dedicated group of software professionals with strong technology fundamentals. We are experts at what we do and do not settle for anything less than the best. We never compromise our business principles. We give more than 100% to each project.

Our work culture imparts these values in all our members. We believe in working hard and yet enjoying ourselves. We are a close-knit group and find time to interact and bond with each other. At i2e, we balance work and fun and achieve maximum productivity.


HR Commitments

Guiding you towards a bright future

While you are busy putting in your best for us, we are busy building up a glorious future for you. At i2e, we strive to give you a fulfilling work experience. We recognize the importance of motivation and award you with incentives for all your extra efforts. We acknowledge the fact that if you are well taken care of, you will take care of your work and give it your best shot. We pride ourselves on having a very approachable and caring HR team whose initiatives inspire you to give your best.

The i2e basket of benefits

To help you concentrate on your work, we offer you a big basket of benefits. This basket enables you to balance your life and work and lessen your worries. One of the most important benefits that we offer is the flexible office timings. We trust your time management skills and let you decide when you want to come in and how late you want to work. So, as long as you are sure to finish your work on time, you are free to come in at any time! Another career benefit that you will get only at i2e is the free hand of handling a project all by yourself. Again, we believe in your capabilities and want to encourage you to evolve into a multi-faceted professional. If this does not impress you, it would certainly grab your attention when we tell you that our compensation packages are comparable with the best in the industry. Other than these benefits, we offer you several other incentives that help your career. At i2e, your peers and superiors help you grow by guiding and teaching you as you progress in our company.

i2e Consulting is a fabulous blend of an open culture, flexible management style and a well-defined career path that is sure to bring out the best in all its employees-not just as professionals but also as individuals.

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