Maximize your ROI by migrating Nintex workflows to Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate empowers everyone from business users to technology experts to build secure, automated workflows seamlessly, so they focus on strategic work that drives the business forward. It is at par with the market leaders, offers RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and you can enjoy some of its features for free with your existing O365 subscription.

More than 150,000 organizations use Microsoft Power Automate. This is huge, considering it is a relatively new service offering.

Read how, Organization saves big with Nintex alternative Microsoft Flow in SharePoint online.

Price difference between Nintex on-premise and Nintex Online licenses make companies look for alternative solutions. Power Automate is one viable candidate. i2e consulting helps companies migrate Nintex workflows to Power Automate with comprehensive, transparent step by step approach.


Get in-depth analysis of all existing workflows. Prioritize their migration based on key aspects such as business critical, ease of migration, etc.

You will be surprised to learn certain workflows do not serve any greater purpose and are better to retire than migrate.


Be it Nintex or Power Automate, licenses are trigger based. We involve, business users, IT heads and SMEs to find if your workflow is optimized. Check if you can minimize the triggers and achieve desired result. This increases the efficiency of workflows, in addition to saving cost.

Explore Licensing

To increase your ROI (return on investment), we help you choose what best suits your requirements. We supply a detailed analysis of various licensing options. We also help you explore third party tools that may be used in conjunction to Power Automate to meet your budget.


Power Automate has capabilities for everyone, from business users to technology experts. You could easily replicate basic Nintex workflows with existing templates for fun, while our developers take care of the critical ones.


This is the last step to the migration process where you do the actual migration. Our experts make sure you have the minimum downtime in the process.

As Power Automate users you will be entitled to support from Microsoft Power Platform or you could just use our support. It’s absolutely up to you.

Power Automate comes in one eco-system with thousands of templates and hundreds of connectors. It empowers businesses to focus on strategic work that drives the business forward.

Automation for all.

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