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Apart from Professional Services and Providing Solutions, i2e Consulting also has two independently developed products: Project Planning Pro and Mind Vector. Our focus was to improve the Business productivity which led to the foundation of Project Planning Pro Application. To break the complex modules into simple modules, we created a Mind Vector Application which helps take quick and reliable business decision.

Why every project manager should use Project Planning Pro

Our team created a very successful and useful tool where user can assign tasks to the resources, add budget, analyze the performance, and estimate the status of the task. The application allows the users to import the Microsoft Project files on Mac, iOS and Android which is an ideal choice for Visualizing, Planning and Managing your projects.

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Turn your complex thoughts into a simple solution with Mind Vector

i2e Consulting strongly believes in analyzing the data visually. We created an application where a central idea ultimately leads to the branching out of sub-ideas. Users can analyze, think and connect the dots to reach the goal.

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