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Mind mapping is a powerful technique to visually organize information where a central idea ultimately leads to the branching out of sub-ideas; this is what our Product does. With more than 3.5 M active world-wide customers our product Mind Vector is helping users connect all the questions prevailing in their mind to a logical and reasonable answer.

Visualize Mind Mapping in Mixed Reality

We have successfully integrated Hololens with Mind Vector which basically adds another dimension to our app by augmenting 3D mind maps with the real world. Hololens allows for a richer, more immersive feeling than present forms of viewing mind maps while allowing the user to be aware of their environment.


Share, Store, and Utilize Information on Cloud

With Mind Vector, the best mind mapping software online, you can create maps and store it on the cloud. With this feature, you can collaborate with your friends and access your maps from any platform just by signing in your account.

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