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The phenomenal growth of global industries and the quest for innovation are driving an unprecedented need for business intelligence. i2e consulting is a results-driven global consulting firm specializing in helping businesses successfully address their most complex and critical challenges.

Our efficient and effective processes identify the issues affecting a company's performance, review the available options, and plan the solution—with a quick turn around time. This is one of the factors that make us the partner of choice for some of the world’s most successful businesses!

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants are highly qualified professionals in the business from a diverse range of backgrounds. They bring diverse ideas and knowledge as well as specific industry experience and functional expertise to the table.


Quick Turnaround time

We are seasoned players when it comes to resolving complex issues pertaining to your business, especially Pharmas . This experience translates into the fact that we’ve handled most situations before – which means we move quickly from analysis to action, working in small, agile teams.

Cost Effective

When working with us, you can bank upon our talent that’s available across our global network at the fraction of a cost of hiring a full-fledged team. We take pride in your success by providing you with practical, sustainable and customized solutions that will help your business not just today but also in the future to accelerate growth and profit.


Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

As a certified gold partner, we are reliable, thoroughly skilled, and endorsed by Microsoft. We have a very close working relationship with Microsoft and access to the Partner Knowledge Base along with priority listing in Microsoft directories allows us to respond faster.

Capabilities of SharePoint Document Management System


Combined 10 years from small to large projects

Domain Knowledge

We are domain experts

Strategic Thinkers

We analyse, anticipate and mitigate challenges and risks


We customize services to your needs


We maintain your trust

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