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Is Planiware enough for successful Project Portfolio Management?

Planisware aims to provide a better pipeline predictability and project control. Its strong portfolio level capabilities allow pharma companies to forecast costs, durations, and resource estimates for each new compound or project.

Customize Planisware to enhance Readability and Reliability

Top quality software converts the complex data into a simple design which enhances the readability and reliability of the Company data and that is what i2e does. i2e supports the big companies in simplifying the existing design or creating the entire design by incredible configuration capabilities. The strategic road mapping capabilities empowers your organization to prioritize risk, market trends, products, technologies, processes and resources to ensure that activities align with business goals. Streamlining your process to improve usability, maintainability, and Support are the pioneer of i2e Consulting.


Collaborate with other applications to boost user experience

Planisware comes with the most complete set of tools to support new product development from the early ideation phases to market launch. We have an alert system to keep every stakeholders informed which enables the decision makers to take the right action for your projects, portfolios and resources. Our experts also help you to build and deploy dashboards and reports for your specific information needs with Microsoft Projects.

Key Benefits of Planisware App

Planisware App allows Project Managers to view their Planisware Project Plans on their iPads. The users just need to connect their Planisware instance to the iPad to view Plan data. The App has the following features:

  • The user can Schedule and Milestone dates as per the convenience
  • Analyze the Project details in bar chart format also known as Gantt View
  • Visualize the application of every Resource via Resource View
  • Now work even if the user is not connected to internet through Offline view
  • The features are Compatible with Planisware V6.2 as well.

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