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Get certified Planisware® consulting, support, and services. i2e Consulting is among the few companies that provide Planisware® maintenance and support services globally.

Our in-house team has come up with several Planisware® utility applications like the PLW-data extractor and the Plan connect App, etc., to ease the way you consume information.

Our ready-to-use Business Intelligence (BI) package integrates disparate data sources and supports Tableau, Power BI, Qlik view, Spotfire.

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Planisware Orchestra®

One Stop PPM Solution for Small and Medium Companies

Planisware Orchestra ® is a cloud platform to help Project Managers and small, and medium companies to perform end-to-end project portfolio management.

With Planisware Orchestra® businesses can

  • Gain real-time visibility.
  • Prioritize and control projects.
  • Encourage collaboration.
  • Manage workloads and costs.
  • Take informed decisions.

And much more......

Being a Planisware ® partner, i2e can assist you to understand and make the best use of your Planisware subscription.

Our team is experienced in implementing the solution, migrating existing projects, building dashboards, and customizing Planisware Orchestra as per your business need.

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Planisware®  Reporting Bundle

Packaged solution for different business needs

As a global Planisware® maintenance and support services provider, we are aware of the common concerns our customers face, and Planisware reporting bundle is the single solution for all such issues.

With Planisware® reporting you can solve issues such as PEX reports, PPM data for non-Planisware user, integration with other systems for reporting needs, provisions to downstream to other systems, etc.

This bundle has been specifically designed to address concerns and streamline reporting across the organization.

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Planisware Data Extractor facilitates users to retrieve real-time data from applications, so one need not go to a report every time they need information.

Capabilities of Planisware®


Get better insights with enhanced reporting

Planisware® includes powerful BI (Business Intelligence) tools that help stakeholders make informed decisions related to projects, portfolios, and resource management.

We at i2e help businesses to build and deploy dashboards that automate reporting and provide valuable insights. This way Project managers and the higher management can access timely information and make accurate decisions.

Collaborate to generate more value

Planisware® comes with a complete set of tools to support new product development from early ideation to market launch. Product development projects often need synchronization of key business data which are in different systems (ERP, CRM, etc.). i2e experts can help you connect data from various systems with Planisware® system interfaces, using Planisware® built-in data connector technology.


Customize unique business processes

Planisware® can be customized to support your business process and information requirements. i2e can customize Planisware solution as per your business needs. This aids companies run businesses better as they are not restricted to a generic set-up.

Maximize ROI with Planisware® 6

Planisware® version 6 offers tremendous ‘out-of-the-box’ configuration capabilities. This means user-experience is neither too complex nor over customized.

We help companies upgrade from one version to the next. These upgrades include migration of existing custom solutions or additions of new core functionalities. In addition to these services, we also have two existing add-ons that could be used to enhance the Planisware® data experience.


Planisware Data Extractor

Planisware Data Extractor facilitates users to retrieve real-time data from applications, so one need not go to a report every time they need information.

Plan Connect App

Planisware App allows Project Managers to view their Project Plans on their iPads. All you need to do is connect their Planisware® instance to the iPad and view the Plan data.

The App has the following features:

  • Schedule milestone dates as per their convenience.
  • Analyze the project details in bar chart format also known as Gantt View.
  • Visualize the application of every resource via Resource View.
  • Users can work even without an internet connection using the offline view.

All these features are Compatible with Planisware® V6.2 as well.

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® Planisware is a registered trademark of Planisware S.A.S.

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