RPA in Life Science

Organization’s looking to improve processing time, maintain compliance and streamline processes in general should invest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Its use is not limited to process areas such as R&D, Regulatory, Manufacturing; they can implement it to non-process areas like Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing.

Explore RPA Possibilities to Gain Competitive Advantage


Build RPA bots to automate date entry, compilation and sorting of drugs. Increases efficiency and takes the burden off the ever-growing individual case safety reports.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Add value to compliance with enterprise RPA. Adopt robotic software to log files and storage rules that integrate different business processes. Reap operational benefits and close the business process automation coverage gaps left by systems like ERP and BPM.

Faster Research and Development

Eliminate manual handling of data in R&D of vital drug. Add precision to pharma R&D and execute with minimal variation with RPA. On an average, RPA can decrease the time spent on each operation by 70% and the number of mistakes by 99%.

Safer Clinical Trials

Implement RPA bots for effective virtual interaction to gather potential subject information and designate qualified subjects for clinical trials. Significant success in patient screening is proving vital for drug releases.

Quality and Manufacturing

Get real-time access to Big data with strategic use of data and analytics. Analytic data processing and recording offers significant advantages over traditional approaches in both quality and manufacturing.

Effective SAP Integration

Reduce cost of operations, increase productivity and efficiency by automating labor-intensive tasks by integrating RPA with SAP and other ERP systems. Automate, data entry, data mining, identify and flag exceptions, or monitor communications.

Modern Supply Chain

Transform logistics with an RPA driven end-to-end supply chain. Manage orders, freight, inventory 5-10 times faster with 37% less resources. Say, yes to optimized operations at reduced cost.

Launch Your RPA journey Today with our 4-step Approach

RPA offers Life Science companies to pursue growth opportunities without additional back-end staff. We at i2e Consulting help organization transition from human labor to RPA while laying grounds for cognitive capabilities in the future. Automate business processes, bring ideas to life and lead your way to Pharma Revolution 4.0


  • Readiness Survey
  • Risk Identification
  • Process Mapping


  • Right tools and solution
  • Vendor insights
  • Short- and long-term goals


  • Case Study
  • Roadmap
  • Architecture
  • Governance
  • Change management


  • Configure
  • Test
  • Activation
  • Training
  • Support

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