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Client : Confidential

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Duration : 90 Days

Prior to scientific data cloud this organization was struggling with unsupported file formats and siloed experimental data. There was no way departments could take advantage of existing information.

Business Case

A global pharmaceutical was looking for Scientific Data Management solution for their R&D wing. The organization used multiple instrument for capturing and storing data. Each of these instruments had a different format for storing data. In addition, these formats were often not supported by computers, thus making it difficult for them to maintain a central repository of the research data.

The lack of centralized data management led to:

  • Scattered redundant data sets
  • Problematic information retrieval
  • Existing research were carried out again
  • There was no information exchange among departments
  • Increased time to market
  • The main problem faced during the project was converting data into a uniform format. One which could be easily stored in computers and at the same time verified by users
  • Another issue was fetching the data in real-time from multiple sources of different configuration, location and displaying them in that universal format
  • The available data was converted to PFD, a universal format and something commonly used across the organization. This enabled readability across systems
  • Next, we build a data warehouse to optimize data fetching
  • We provided a user interface and filter options to enhance the search experience
  • We enabled them to search information about the ongoing or completed research just like they would in Bing, Google or any other internet search engine. Only this would be used for organizational data
  • The solution was built on .Net core framework as a standalone application
  • All information at one’s disposal with easy search option
  • One organization one data
  • Saves valuable research time and money
  • Facilitates Research and development
  • Researchers could easily look up the devices and experiment equipment

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